Red Potato

Reds are an excellent boiling potato used for salads or mashing. Also good bakers and roasters even though unknown as such. They make excellent all-purpose potatoes.

Availability: September through April

Yellow Potato

Yellows are moist and flavorful with an appearance that makes them look like they require no butter, which is good for the calorie-minded consumer.

Availability: September through April

Purple Potato

Purples are smooth with a color they get from the same powerful antioxidant that gives blueberries their health benefits! They have a fine waxy texture and nutty flavor.

Availability: October through March

White Potato

Whites are thin-skinned potatoes that usually do not require peeling. They have a smooth, moist texture and are known as good boilers, but like the reds they are also good bakers.

Availability: September through November

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